About Colin Grey
Information Technology Services
I have worked in electronics and computing since 1985 and during that time have gained a considerable wealth of experience. I started in Adult education in 1999 and have taught a wide breadth of content, teaching learners ranging from absolute beginners to Level 3 ('A' level).

My philosophy

I believe that each person:
  • has a purpose
  • has intrinsic value
  • is unique
  • naturally wants to learn
  • has creative ability

Contact Me

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My story

I started learning about computers at school where at the time they had one computer - a Research Machines 380Z. This had no operating system but loaded a BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Simple Instruction Code) interpreter from cassette tape. It had a green screen (no colour) and a teletype printer. Each day we loaded BASIC in and only then we could a program be written. My motivation was to see if I could program it to do my Maths homework. The school had written a pseudo machine code language using BASIC and I realised only the first three letters of each instruction were used. So I added an expand feature so that we only needed to type those first three letters of each instruction and then use the expand feature to show them in full. Toward the end of school I was very unhappy and even considered ending my life. One day I was feeling particularly bad I just said to myself "Oh God help me" and immediately felt something lift. Although surprised by this I tried to find out more. The only information source I had access to was a Bible so I started to read it.

After school I studied marine and communications electronics at college. I loved the more relaxed learning environment and really grew in confidence. It was during my time in college I was invited to a couple of Full Gospel Business Men's International (FGBMFI) dinners. At one of these during the time they were singing praise to God, sensing the presence of God I gave my life unconditionally to Him and began trusting in Jesus Christ.

My first job was working for an offshore service company initially repairing the mass spectrometers in the laboratory. Being sent out on jobs which meant I gained experience working the diesel fired and air pressure operated pumps. I used not only the mass spectrometers in the field but serviced and repaired them. In addition I developed and used data logging equipment as well as a down hole camera. The first PC I used was a Compaq portable (had a large carrying handle) which had a 5 inch green screen and a 20MB hard drive. Working offshore I also gained some supervisor experience.


One day, while trying to stand upright in the bitterly cold North Sea wind I began to re-evaluate my career and, after looking at many options, ended up starting a degree. This was initially a shock to the system but once in the swing of things I found that once again I grew in both faith and confidence. In my final year I worked on a project suggested by a local company who developed training products. On successful completion of the degree I was hired by them and was able to take the project and make it into a product as part of their range. This involved designing the electronic circuitry, specifying the components, designing the PCB, writing the training manual, writing the production instructions and overseeing the first production batch. Subsequent projects included learning to program a PIC microcontroller and write a training product in Delphi. During this time I met my future wife.

After that I went to work at a college teaching electronics and computing. I found this quite a challenge but just when I felt I was getting the hang of teaching my workplace changed leaving me with little resources. At the same time I was being directed by a man who was taking me down a route I later realised was going to lead to financial hardship. The stress of all of this meant the end of the job at college.

Then became a turbulent time. After a short time I got a little work teaching adults computing being employed by a local council and then picked up some other part time work in an office. I also got a part time job teaching a computer qualification in a prison.

Eventually the teaching adults computing work grew and I began doing this full time, developing a great deal of teaching resources and experience teaching a wide variety of computer courses. And that is the story so far...