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Information Technology Services
I have worked in electronics and computing since 1985 and during that time have gained a considerable wealth of experience. I started in Adult education in 1999 and have taught a wide breadth of content, teaching learners ranging from absolute beginners to Level 3 ('A' level).

My philosophy

I believe that each person:
  • has a purpose
  • has intrinsic value
  • is unique
  • naturally wants to learn
  • has creative ability

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My Downloads

The following are available as free downloads for non commercial use only.

color1.exe This program is just to explore how the Red Green and Blue colours in displays work. You can make any colour you want by using the three sliders. Written in Delphi. This is a 6502 simulator. It is loosely based on the LJ Technical Systems EMMA board. Although quite useful it is not a full implementation. Written in Delphi. Unzip before using. This was meant to use the old parallel printer port to control various hardware. Was written for Windows 98 and has some problems with Windows XP or later. Written in Delphi. Unzip before using.

I hope you find these useful and would love to hear how you use them.